Map Generator for OpenTX GPS Map Widget

OpenTX Lua Widget project:

Copyright Hobby4Life 2019

Scroll/drag to a position on the map
Double click to center map at cursor position

Center of the map will be used.
Map view gives indication of view in OpenTX.
Current Zoomlevel:
Select Map Type
Current Map Type:
Lattitude at Mouse position:
Longitude at Mouse position:
Experimental club selection (Dutch only)
Dutch Airfields:

You can also enter center of map manually in decimal coordinates

Select Map zoom

Adjust global zoom size:

Zoomlevel 1: map*xsmall.png
Zoomlevel 2: map*small.png
Zoomlevel 3: map*medium.png
Zoomlevel 4: map*large.png
Zoomlevel 5: map*xlarge.png

Select map number to generate

Generate & Download
Map images + Script

Download will start automaticly after generating the maps

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